Altrusa FAQs

What is the focus of Altrusa?

Altrusa is an international non-profit organization that strives to make our local communities better through leadership, partnership and service. Altrusa historically has been, and still is, a community service organization with a focus on literacy and other local needs.

Where can I find out about the history of your organization?

History about our organization can be found on our website under the heading of “Who We Are”.

Is Altrusa just for women?

Our organization was originally founded as a service organization comprised of women dedicated to leadership development and community service. Today, Altrusa International has an active membership that includes both men and women. Anyone interested in service and volunteerism may be invited to become an Altrusan.

How is the organization structured?

Altrusa is governed by an International President, Vice-President, and Board of Directors, which also oversee District Governors, Vice-Governors, Boards and Committees. International Standing Committees act in an advisory capacity to Districts and to Clubs. Local clubs each also have a local President, Vice-President, Board and Committees which report to their District.

Is Altrusa a 501c4 organization?

The International organization has 501c4 status which encompasses all associated clubs that make up the organization. Donations made to the International Association, or to local clubs, are not tax deductible.

Does Altrusa have a Foundation?

Altrusa International does have a foundation with 501c3 status, which is governed by its own board. Each individual club has the choice to form its own foundation. Donations made to the International Foundations, or local club foundations, are tax-deductible.

How would I find a club near me?

The website located at lists our Districts under the “Get Involved” heading on our website. Each District is further broken down into individual clubs. Most have website links with contact information, but you are also welcome to contact our International Office for more information under the “Contact” heading,

Do all clubs focus on the same projects?

No. Each local club is free to determine their own service projects and fundraising efforts, based on individual local needs.

Does your international organization or your local clubs partner with other organizations for projects?

Internationally we are not currently partnered with any other club or business. As with our service projects, our local clubs are free to partner with other organizations in their own communities to enhance their projects or efforts.

Can I suggest a project to a club in my area?

Our clubs are always looking for new ways to fill the needs of our communities. If you know of an unmet need in your community that Altrusa may be able to help with, please follow the instructions on finding a club in your area to get in contact with the local Altrusa leadership.

What is the age range of the members of your clubs?

There is no specific “entry age” for membership in Altrusa; however, potential members who are middle- and high- school aged are not permitted to become Altrusans; they may join an ASTRA club through their school. There is no “retirement” age. We are always looking for energetic, service-minded members of any age.

What are the average yearly dues per club?

Each member pays International dues each year, which is currently $55. District and Local dues are paid in addition to International dues. Local clubs are free to set their own dues per year.

Where can I get information about your organization for youth?

There is general information about ASTRA, our youth counterpart, on our website under the “ASTRA” heading, located at You are also free to contact our International office and speak with Adriana Navar, or contact her by email at

Revised May 18, 2012


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